Children's game 5th birthday animation: the assassin
Children's game 5th birthday animation: the assassin


Assassin is a round game. And kids love being chosen in a round game. This is excellent news, because it means that the game will last at least 10 minutes! This birthday activity is simple and perfect if you want a calm game to do during the afternoon (to breathe a little, or to wait while waiting for the cake birthday). It's one of the best 5 year old birthday games !

All the children have arrived! However, you can see that it is difficult for most of them to integrate into the group. They all play a bit on their side... and that's not what we want! For an atmosphere of hell, it's time to do the super birthday entertainment

- Let's go around and sit cross-legged. Do you know how to wink? It's like that. I'm going to designate a detective who will come out of the room while I choose an "assassin" who will kill his victims by winking! Louison, you are our first detective.

- Everyone says, "Detective out!" Detective out! »

- Emma, ​​you are our first assassin. You wink at everyone who looks at you, those hit lie down and pretend to be asleep. It's understood ?

- Yeaaaah.

- Emma, ​​don't start before I give you the go-ahead.

- Let's call the detective: "Detective, detective, detective"!

- Louison, come to the center of the circle. You have to find the killer before we're all dead! Assassin, you can start.

The assassin becomes the detective...

Children rarely manage to wink, usually they blink with both eyes.

And there you have it, you have discovered or rediscovered one of the best 5-year anniversary games! Everyone will love having some quiet fun! And after that, the best is to blow the candles !

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