Kangaroos and rabbits game for children's birthday party from 3 years old
Kangaroos and rabbits game for children's birthday party from 3 years old


You are organizing a birthday party for a 3-year-old child and you are looking for a birthday entertainment adequate? We have what it takes in our hat! Kangaroos and Rabbits is a game to play for a toddler's birthday, because it's a very easy game! Playing Kangaroos and Rabbits is a bit like playing tag, imitating animals that children love. It's adding a bit of difficulty and surprise to a game that children know by heart!

Everyone has arrived, everyone is running everywhere. You're starting to get a little overwhelmed and you want to get them together to calm them down a bit before the birthday cake arrives... Do you know what that means? It's time for thebirthday entertainment

- We are going to play kangaroos and rabbits. Do you know this game?

- Nooonn!!

- I will choose a child who will be a kangaroo. He will imitate the gait of a kangaroo and will have to try to catch the other children who will be rabbits. Rabbits will move around by doing bunny hops. All caught rabbits become kangaroos and then move like kangaroos. The untouched rabbit wins. It's understood ?

- Yeaaaah.

- Show me how kangaroos jump! Cheer ! And how do rabbits jump? Cheer !

- Paulo, you are the first kangaroo, you move around doing kangaroo hops. The others, you are rabbits, you move around like rabbits! Here we go, jump!

If you wish, change the name of the game and give other animal names such as "the frog and the grasshoppers" or "the cat and the mice". The main thing is to make them move with the steps of animals. 

And that's it, it's as simple as that! That's why it's one of the best birthday game ideas for a 3 year anniversary! Once the game is over, you can reward them with candy

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