Round game for 4-year-old child's birthday party
Round game for 4-year-old child's birthday party


If there is a great classic among games: it is Jacques said ! We've all played it in the playground, with friends or at home... and we never get tired of it! This is why My Little Day invites you to rediscover it during a birthday activity, for all children from 4 years old. Make it last at least 10 minutes, laughter guaranteed!

If there is a classic birthday game, this is it! Jacques said... still pleases as much. Why without depriving. Make it last at least 10 minutes!

- Now we are going to play "Jacques said..."

- Ooooohhhh.

- You must obey only if the order is preceded by the formula “Jacques said”. For example: "Jack said: touch your nose" works, "jump in place" without "Jack said" doesn't work at all! If one of you executes an order that is not preceded by “Jacques said”, he will be eliminated. The last one left wins and becomes the new “Jack”. You understood ?

- Yeaaaah!

- I begin. "Jacques said: everyone stand up"!

You can also rename the name of the game and replace Jacques with the first name of the birthday child.

Orders you can execute: jump, hop, run, run in place; touching feet, thighs, shoulders, head; turn, raise arms, legs; play the hen, the monkey, the lion; sing "a green mouse", count very quickly to 5...

And that's it, it's as simple as that! It is not for nothing that Jacques said is one of birthday games prefer ! Make the fun last as long as you want... And if you want another birthday game idea, you'll find what you're looking for on our blog! 

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