Memory game animation birthday child 7 years
Memory game animation birthday child 7 years


You have decided to organize a birthday at home and invite people? It's going to take a birthday game to keep the guests busy! That's why we invite you to discover (or rediscover) Memorable History, a round game that calls on memory and concentration. At 7 years old, we are able to do wonders in these two areas... This is thebirthday entertainment perfect if you want a fun and calm activity for your child's birthday party!

The party is in full swing, children are running everywhere and you want to bring everyone together: let's go for the day's entertainment!

- Let's go around and sit cross-legged. We are going to tell a story. Each of you will say two or three words that the others will have to remember. These words placed end to end must constitute a sentence. I give you an example. Hugo says "I'm going", Louison says "I'm going to the park", Jules says "I'm going to the park to make", Margaux says "I'm going to the park to make a castle"... Do you understand?

- Yes!

- Are you ready ? I begin: "the house", Hugo, it's yours.

- “The house is twisted. »

- ...

Continue the story until the children are wrong. When they are wrong, start another story. Then start the child placed after the one who made a mistake. You can do multiple rounds. To add a little more difficulty or to guide the children, ask them to tell a story related to the birthday theme: story of Dinosaurs, history of unicorn, history of fairy… You will see, it will be their new birthday game !

And if the children want to continue, you will find another birthday games idea on our blog! Keep going until it's time to blow out the candles!

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