Round game to do from 6 years old for children's birthday party
Round game to do from 6 years old for children's birthday party
As we know how much children love to make funny faces, we thought of a special game for you! Funny grimaces is both a round game and a variant of the Arabic phone. You can chain the two games in a row, children love to chain round games. To switch from one game to another, all you have to do is whisper a sentence. Asking little, it's the perfect birthday entertainment for children from 6 years old!

- We will make a round and sit cross-legged. 1, 2, 3, everyone down! Can any of you show me a terrifying face? Not bad. We are going to play “funny grimaces”. I will make a face at my neighbor and my neighbor will try to imitate him as best as possible. Then, his neighbor will try in turn to imitate him and so on until me. Is it simple enough?

— Yeah.

"I'm just going to complicate things a bit. It is you no laughing or smiling when someone makes a face at you. When the last grimace is made, we compare the initial grimace and the final one.

- Are you ready ?

You can do multiple rounds. With each new round, a new child can make the starting face. You can also offer them a starting emotion such as joy, fear, anger or an animal such as a lion, fish or elephant.

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