Birthday games for 3 year olds: animal race
Birthday games for 3 year olds: animal race
If you are organizing your little one's birthday, and you are looking for an idea of ​​entertainment to do to keep him and his friends occupied: we have what you need! The animal race is a perfect game for toddlers from 3 years old. It is very simple, the only difficulty is to imitate the gait of children's favorite animals. It lasts a little less than 10 minutes: just enough time to explain and have the children pass at least twice each!

- Everyone in the henhouse! (Children walk up to a designated wall or piece of furniture.) I'm going to race you!

- Oooooooh!

- As it's a bit easy, I'm going to give you some constraints. For the first lap, I'd like you to race jumping like kangaroos. The first to touch me wins! Are you ready ?

— Yeaaaah.

- Cheer ! For the 2nd round, I would like you to gallop like horses.

At each new turn, you can offer them to vary the steps. It's up to the children to move forward by jumping squatting like frogs, backwards, joining hands two by two, mouse-stepping, bunny-hopping... Make sure, by asking them to show you, that everyone world understands.

At 3 years old, children are toddlers. It's normal if very quickly the normal steps take over or if they don't succeed!

If you are looking for more activities for his birthday, ideas for themes or even decoration, we have created a little book for you for a great birthday!

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