6-year-old birthday entertainment idea: well-seated darling round game
6-year-old birthday entertainment idea: well-seated darling round game


You are organizing your little one's birthday and he has decided to invite his friends... It's great! But not easy to find birthday games idea both original and fun… That's why we racked our brains and decided to let you discover (or rediscover) Chouchou bien assis! It is a perfect round game to occupy children from 6 years old. We tried it out ourselves and loved letting the kids play it, as much as we loved watching them have fun!

- Let's make a round and sit cross-legged. 1,2,3, everyone down! I have in my hand a scarf that I will use to blindfold a detective. The blindfolded detective will sit in the center of the circle. We'll have ten seconds to all mix up and form a seated circle. I'll give the go-ahead for him to sit on the lap of one of his buddies. Once seated, he will say: “Chouchou is seated? ". Question to which the friend will answer: “Yes, Chouchou is well seated. The detective needs to figure out who he's sitting on by the sound of the voice. This is why the friend who serves as a chair has the right, even the duty, to change his voice! The detective has 3 attempts to find out who he is sitting on. It's understood ?

— Yeaaaaaah.

- So for this first round. I would like Emile to be our detective. Emile, come to the center of the circle. I will blindfold you...

On each new round, count to ten for everyone to shuffle and get back in place! You will also need to help the detective to sit down.

Ce birthday game is great, 6 year olds love it and they love transforming their voice. They know each other very well and are therefore perfectly able to recognize each other despite the transformations.

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