5-year-old birthday activity idea: the conductor
5-year-old birthday activity idea: the conductor


If you are organizing a birthday party and are looking for a birthday entertainment simple and original, we have the answer! The conductor is a round game that will put all children (from 5 years old) in tune! You can do it as many times as you want, there is no rule for that! It will be the highlight of the party!

All the guests have arrived and they seem to have already taken possession of the premises. We watch the children scatter in all directions, there is a little time left before doing the birthday cake. It's time to do thebirthday activity ! We call everyone, and let's go...

- Let's go around and sit cross-legged. Do you know how to play different musical instruments such as the piano, the flute, the guitar (mimic the gestures by saying them)? Do you know how to do this type of gesture (clap your hands, on the legs, on the shoulders, on the buttocks, on the ground, move your hands in the air...)? Are any of you able to do these gestures and change them very often?

- Yeaaaah.

- So, I'm going to get a detective out of the round and designate a conductor that everyone will have to imitate. Jules, you're the first detective, go hide in the next room. When you come back, you will have to find out who the conductor is.

- We say: “detective out, detective out”!

- Lou, you are our first conductor. Don't say anything to Jules. Lou, you can start the movements, we'll do like you. By doing the gestures, let's call the detective: "detective, detective, detective"! Jules, come to the center of the circle and remain standing. You have to discover our conductor!

- Is that Lou?

- Cheer !!! Lou, you are our new detective: "detective out, detective out".

The conductor often forgets to change movement. Without looking at it or naming it, you have to remind it to do it! 

And that's it, it's as simple as that! That's why Le Chef d'Orchestre quickly becomes thebirthday entertainment favorite of children (and parents!). 

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