5 year old birthday game with music
5 year old birthday game with music
The musical beret game is a team activity. And team games, we know that children love it! This is an opportunity to test the speed of little guests (from 5 years old) during a birthday party. This animation only requires a scarf (and you can even take something else), party guests and a competitive spirit. So, shall we start?

- We will now make team games! Stay seated where you are, I'll give you a number each to remember.

— I am going to put a scarf in the center of the room. I will call a number, number 1 for example. I would like the No. 1 of each team to stand up and walk around the scarf, hands behind his back. I'm going to turn on the music, when I turn it off, you have to try to catch the scarf before your opponent and quickly go back to your seat. If the one with the scarf is touched by his opponent before reaching his team, the opponent wins the point. The 1st team with 3 points wins the round!

- Are you ready ?

— Yeaaaaaah.

— I turn on the music, only take the scarf when I turn it off. In the meantime, turn around the scarf. Let's go ! And the others, encourage your teammate! "Go Felix, go Jeanne"!

When distributing numbers, you can make them repeat their number several times.

Do not hesitate to show them how to turn around the scarf, hands behind their back, how to catch the scarf and how to touch the opponent: do not hesitate, during the 1st round, to play the game with the children.

Call the numbers one by one. In the end, you can call two numbers at the same time. And by calling more, you risk triggering a real crush.

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