8-year-old birthday activity: ambassador game
8-year-old birthday activity: ambassador game
Ambassadors is both a mime game and a team game! It is intended for older children (from 8 years old), so the characters or objects to mimic are difficult! This game will allow your child's guests to strengthen their team cohesion and their imagination during the birthday party.

— I would like the two teams to reform and each team to settle on one side of the room in line facing me. The team leaders will come to me in the center of the room. They will be the first ambassadors of the game. I will whisper a situation, a profession or a character to them. They will present themselves in front of their respective teams and mime the whispered word. Whoever thinks he has found it must say it very quietly so that the opposing team does not hear him. When the word has been found, the person who found it must quickly come to see me so that I can give him a new word or a new situation to act out. The first team to finish the list of mimes wins. You are 16, so there are 8 mimes for 8 ambassadors. Are you ready ?

- Yesiiiiiiiiiiii!

— Jules and Louison, (whispering) you are going to act out the story of Peter Pan. Let's go !

Jobs first: a juggler, a doctor, a mistress, a policeman, a firefighter, a dancer...

Characters then: an Indian, a cowboy, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Spiderman...

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