Children's birthday entertainment idea: knight quiz
Children's birthday entertainment idea: knight quiz
You organize knight themed birthday and you want an animation that is as playful as it is fun? Why not take a quiz! This theme is full of exciting stories, amazing legends and cute princesses to rescue! So, let's go to test your knowledge, acquire new ones and challenge your friends to a unique duel! Grab your cloak and sword, it's time to face our terrible questions!

    Begin by rounding up the young Damoiseaus and having them sit down. Ask them who their favorite knight is: is it Arthur? Lancelot? Richard Lion's Heart ?
    Then you can go around the table to ask them what a knight means to them: courage? strength ? loyalty? someone who has to save a princess?
    Now that they are immersed in the theme, let's go for the quiz!

    1. What is a catapult?
    A weapon
    An instrument
    An animal

    2. What is a troubadour?
    A musician-poet
    A singer
    A dancer

    3. During which ceremony does one become a knight?
    The dubbing

    4. From what age did a noble child receive a military education?
    5 years
    7 years
    10 years

    5. What is the name of the land belonging to a lord?
    The stronghold
    The garden

    6. What are the most important values ​​for a knight?
    Bravery, Loyalty, Generosity
    Bravery, Strength, Beauty
    Bravery, cleanliness, intelligence

    7. What does the knight wear in tournaments and wars to be recognized by his allies?
    a chaperone
    coat of arms
    A fake

    8. What does the knight do in times of peace?
    The kitchen
    He plays dominoes

    9. What is a helm?
    A coat of mail
    A metal helmet
    A shield

    10. What was the status of children when they were placed with a lord to obtain an education in order to become a knight?

    11. What defines a squire?
    He is the one who cleans the stables
    He's a knight's assistant
    He's the lord's country guard

    12. During the dubbing, the young knight generally received several objects. Which of them was the most important, the one that made him an "official" warrior?
    The sword
    The golden spurs
    the cuirass

    13. What does “valiant” knight mean?
    Valiant, courageous, brave
    Charming, flirtatious, gallant
    Aggressive, bestial, ferocious

    14. What was the name of King Arthur's sword?

    15. Who gave Excalibur to Arthur, according to Arthurian legend?
    Merlin the Magician
    The Lady of the Lake
    He picked it up on his own from a rock 

    Pro tip: The questions must be asked quickly so as not to lose the children...

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