Original game animation child birthday 4 years
Original game animation child birthday 4 years
Kissing chairs is THE children's favorite birthday game. It's very rare that they know him and it's also very rare that they don't let themselves be seduced. It works with toddlers, but it also works with very big ones who are necessarily a little embarrassed! Do not hesitate to make it last at least 10 minutes.

“Let's go around and sit cross-legged. Do you know how to kiss (mimic a kiss) and pinch the buttocks (mimic a pinch in the air)? I'm going to designate two nice chairs (to be determined depending on the number of children) who kiss. The rest will be mean butt-pinching chairs.


“I'm going to assign a detective to be in the next room while I choose the good and bad chairs. Emma, ​​you're the first detective, everyone says, "Detective out, detective out." Who wants to be a nice chair?

—To welcome the detective, we all give him fake kisses and pinch the air with our hands.

"Detective, detective, detective!"

“Emma, ​​you have to sit on the chairs to find out if they're good or bad. You win when you find a nice chair.

—Ninon, you're the nice chair found, you're our new detective, "detective out..."

Encourage the detective to sit on his buddies' lap or yours to gently pinch his ass. Keep going until he finds it.

If the children are very numerous, do not hesitate to designate more than 2 nice chairs.

Children love round games, they all want to be designated as a detective at least once.

Children take pleasure in pronouncing the phrase “detective outside”! It is as if a ban had been lifted. Do not hesitate to make them repeat several times.

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