Free playlist idea for a safari-themed child's birthday party
Free playlist idea for a safari-themed child's birthday party
You organize safari themed birthday or party ? We give you the opportunity to go on an adventure, in the middle of the jungle, without even moving from your living room! How ? With our free playlist 100% safari atmosphere! Yes, because there too, they party! So we put on our costume, and let's go for the party!

Well, it's party time. So, we are slowly starting to set up the safari atmosphere with: 

- The Story of Life, by Debbie Davis 

We start the safari, we sing our joy while listening: 

- To the rhythm of the jungle, by Antoine Dubois and Camille Donda 

Do you want to let off steam a little more? Let's go for a more modern safari version, run: 

- Roar, by Katy Perry 

We keep the good mood, we sway on: 

- I like to move it, by Will.I.Am 

Come on, as we like the classics and that we couldn't miss this one, on the way to: 

- Hakuna Matata, by Dimitri Rougeul, Michel Elias, Jean-Philippe Puymartin, and Emmanuel Curtil

Want to slow down before the cake? So run: 

- Mbube, by Lebo M. 

Animals join the party! We dance with them on: 

- Jungle Jazz, by Phil Collins 

Come on, one last one for the end, Listen : 

- Child of Man, by Phil Collins 

And that's just a sample! If you are already won over and want the entire playlist, find it on Spotify ou Deezer

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