Free playlist idea for a Harry Potter themed birthday
Free playlist idea for a Harry Potter themed birthday
Your letter of admission to Hogwarts has just arrived? So, it's time to get ready. In addition, it seems that there will be a birthday soon! Take your cape, your wand and practice casting the Cantis spell! However, if you have the same faculties as Ron or Seamus, it will be more prudent to opt for our free playlist on the harry potter theme to ensure a magical atmosphere at the party!

Are you ready ?! We take the train platform 9¾ and let's go to make the music resonate in the walls of the castle! We start with: 

- Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters and The Journey to Hogwarts, by John Williams

Children must collect their equipment : wand, cape, books, owl ... Forward for the side road: 

- Diagon Alley and the Gringotts Vault, by John Williams 

The children are coming, you can welcome them with this song:  

- Harry's Wonderful World, by John Williams  

Let's go for a little waltze! You can put : 

- Potter Waltz, by John Williams

The children discover the banquet, because it's finally time for the cake! You can run: 

- Entry into the Great Hall / The Banquet, by John Williams  

Need an activity to do? That's good, the potion class falls just today! You can listen to: 

-Polyjuice Potion, by John Williams 

Of course, the next activity will be: Quidditch! So let's go : 

- Quidditch World Cup / Foreign visitors arrive, by John Williams 

The party is over, the school year too, it's time to go home! You can end the show with: 

- Leaving Hogwarts, by John Williams 

And this is just a small preview! If you want to discover the complete playlist, go to Spotify ou Deezer

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