Original playlist idea to listen to on Mother's Day
Original playlist idea to listen to on Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a special time when you celebrate all your mom's efforts and let her know how much you love her (more than usual, we mean!). So, we've prepared a special "Mother's Day" playlist for you to make the day even more beautiful! Whether it's to let off steam on it together, to listen to it during an activity or to put it in the background while mom takes a foam bath and relaxes in peace... You won't find better!

This playlist includes the greatest hymns to our moms! 

OPTION 1: you listen to this playlist during a shared activity (cooking together, short road trip, manicure workshop...). Then, you can find the titles (for example): 

- Cover me in sunshine, by Pink
- More than a woman, by The Bee Gees
- Crazy Mama, from The Rolling Stones

OPTION 2: you listen to this playlist to wiggle your hips and sing along with your mum in the middle of the living room (as if dad isn't judging you from the couch), then you can find (for example): 

- Dancing Queen, by ABBA
- Chiquitita, from ABBA
- Baby Love, by The Supremes 

OPTION 3: you want to use this playlist as background music, for the little hot bath you prepared for your mom, then you can listen to (for example): 

- If mom if, by France Gall
- Oh mother, by Christina Aguilera
- Hello mom bobo, by Alain Souchon

If this convinced you, you can listen to our playlist on Spotify ou Deezer

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