Idea playlist to put for a successful birthday animation
Idea playlist to put for a successful birthday animation


Forget Valentine's day ! You who are single (by choice or by default), February 14th makes you feel like a false plan? What if it was the year of real and good resolutions and we decided to transform this emblematic day into a dream day, into "Anti-Valentine's Day" or into "Galentine's Day"? That is to say on a friendship day, an evening with friends, or a moment of female solidarity!
In this type of evening, there are two teams: the homebody and the party girls. I therefore propose three lists: one for each of you and one for both! And a great playlist as a bonus. Well, I specify that everything can be reversed for men. Just do a little visualization effort or ask us to think about the problem and we will make you a tailor-made list!


For those who don't want to get some fresh air, who don't want to have a drink, who just want to hang out, eat nothing and listen to Barbara for their Galentine's Day : there is this list of films to watch on the 14th, but it can be extended over the week and the weekend. There are no strict rules, the idea is to do what you want.

Our top 10 movies/series for a « Girl's Night Movies » :

- Sex & the city: Classic, basic (just like Orelsan), this is THE must-see series! Sex and the city is simply the story of four New York friends, thirty-year-olds and single: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte who will take you on a roller coaster of feelings for 94 episodes!

- Friends: What would an anthology of the most beautiful friendships be without that of Monica and Rachel? Immerse yourself in the crazy adventure of these six mythical friends in shared accommodation which follows the evolution of their professional and emotional life over 10 years and in 236 episodes! Just that !

- Girls: Quite modern, this series is centered on a group of girls, all more different than the others who try to survive their twenties in the big city of New York. Lena Dunham, the main actress, is well known for her feminist commitments and her fights for gender equality, perfect for honoring women for a very special evening! #BIGLOVEFORGIRLS

- Grey's Anatomy: And yes! How to talk about friendship without mentioning this series which gave birth to the most original friendship of all: that of Meredith and Cristina, a real friendly love at first sight between these two marginal women! It's to see or see again without limit, ON-A-DORE !

- New Girl: After a breakup, Jessica (high in color) finds herself homeless. She discovers her new roommates via a classified ad: Nick, Winston and Schmidt as well as daily life with three men. Of course, Jess can count on her lifelong best friend Cece to support her day in and day out. Humor is the key word of this little sitcom full of life that made us crack!

- Orange is the new black: Although immersed in Litchfield prison, "Orange" is not a dull and depressing series, quite the contrary! Full of derision, irony and sarcasm, it pays true homage to the female sex, in all its diversity...

- All that glitters: Of course, we couldn't forget it! For those who missed it in 2010, Ely and Lila are two young women from a suburb, not far from Paris and “ten minutes from everything”; who try to integrate into the effervescence of Parisian evenings and to blend into a world that is not theirs. A friendship that will take you on a tour of their “funny life”!

- Thelma and Louise: And of course, we keep the best, the feminist masterpiece, the nugget for the very end: The timeless Thelma and Louise! Two friends, a road trip and lots of twists! And for the pleasure of the eyes, a very handsome, brand new young man: Brad Pitt!

- How to get dumped in ten lessons: Andie is a talented journalist, in charge of writing an article for her column "How to ruin a love affair in ten days". She must therefore find a handsome young man to be able to write her article and get the job of her dreams! However, when she goes to meet Benjamin, she does not suspect that he has made the opposite bet: to prove that he can make any woman fall in love with him in ten days...  

- 10 good reasons to dump you: Bianca makes all the boys crack, while her older sister, Kat, tends to scare them away. Indeed, although she is attractive, her irascible character and her rebellious behavior do not make her very attractive. To make matters worse, the father of the young girls is very strict about their education and their outings. He agrees to Bianca flirting, on the condition that Kat does the same. Suffice to say that it's not an easy task... But Cameron, who has fallen in love with Bianca, imagines a simply diabolical plan to achieve his ends...

And for those who are demanding in terms of filmography, we can always refer to an ultra-sporty evening: this year no Champions League on Valentine's Day #Parisestmagique, but we can watch the biathlon with Martin Fourcade, Nope ?

Our top 3 activities to do with friends for a Galentine's day from hell:

- "Kiss the man": Or how to take your dreams for reality: the principle is very simple, it's the same as the legendary donkey's tale: just print a large enough photo of your ultimate fantasy (personal, is Ryan Gosling #coeursurlui), to have a blindfold to hide his eyes and the goal will be to give him kisses closest to his mouth! Download the printable here.

- Organize a vacuum-dressing / barter: simple, but always effective! Everyone just has to bring back a bag of clothes they no longer wear and exchange them. All accompanied by a glass of champagne… ;)

- Kiss/Marry/Kill: you choose three people (famous or not), and you decide which one you would kiss, which one you would marry and which one you would kill. 

Some examples of Kiss/Marry/Kill:
- Timothée Chalamet, Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes
-Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp
- Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield
- Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans
- Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Jude Law

During the games, take the opportunity to put on a super Galentine's day playlist for a 100% badass atmosphere! (We have prepared one for you, the link is at the end of the article).


For those whose mantra is "I wanna sing, I wanna dance", we rent a room at the Bam Karaoké Box: because it seems that when the music is good, it softens morals and girls, we said to ourselves that it would be wise to have a playlist girly, fun and eclectic in case of a hard blow!

If other very good ideas come to us, we will update this paper. Obviously.

If this convinced you, you can find the playlist on Spotify ou Deezer

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