Free and original idea with birthday balloon: balloon pool
Free and original idea with birthday balloon: balloon pool


The balloons, it's a bit of an essential birthday decoration element! They can keep the children busy, brighten up the room, signal the place where it's happening... Impossible to do without them! However, we are well aware that it is a bit of seen and reviewed, and that we no longer know how to arrange them for a breathtaking effect! So, we have prepared a great idea for you make a decoration with balloons : Do you visualize a ball pool? Admit it, you too when you see one you only want to jump in! My Little Day has reinvented the ball pool just for you with... balloons! Quickly discover our tutorial for making a balloon pool your house ! Let's go for the big dive!

That's it, the party is coming! You have already organized everything: you know what animation to do, you have ordered (or bought something to do) the cake... And you have bought the party decoration : garlands, pinatas, tablecloths and (of course) balloons. Only, you are (like us) a bit of a perfectionist on the edges and you have no desire to scatter the balloons completely randomly on the ground so that we trip over them every two minutes. You thought about making a balloon arch, but it's still too common for your taste. The balloon wall isn't your “thing” either… Come on, don't be desperate! You know us well now and you know that My Little Day always has new ideas up its sleeve! And as the name of the article suggests, we will explain how to make a balloon pool to create a balloon decor very original!

We know: not everyone has a swimming pool! This is why we thought of two versions of the ball pool which will make everyone agree. The first option is a pretty mise en abyme: a pool of balloons… in a real pool! The second option is to make a dream ball pool in the living room (or any room in the house). In both cases, we will explain the process to you:

The dream pool

You arm yourself with all your balloons and the first step is to inflate them! It is enough to inflate a lot of air balloons, but really a lot. In reality, it takes about 200 balloons for an area of ​​30 m². So, there are two solutions available to you: if you want to test your breath, if you are ambitious or if you have hyper-developed lungs, you can try to inflate them yourself. But since we prefer to avoid accidents and the breath is precious, we advise you to opt for an electric pump and patience to tie the knots. When the balloons are swollen, all you have to do is leave them on the floor. The idea is that the more balloons there are on the ground, the more layers there will be and the crazier the party will be! What more ?

The “real” swimming pool

Obviously, the first essential element for a “real” swimming pool is… a swimming pool! If you have it, it's already half the job done! Then you will also need balloons. And as we know how much of a torture it is to have to calculate how many balloons does it take to fill a swimming pool, we got into it together and we found the sacred answer: for a pool about 90 cm high, you will need 27 balloons to fill it (well, you will have to multiply in relation to the dimensions of your pool, but that's it!). For an optimal effect, you can choose large balloons of one meter. Just a few, about 5 or 6. This will add a bit of grandeur and give the impression of a bigger set. Remember to put water in the balloons before inflating them so as to weigh them down in the water and prevent them from flying away at the first gust of wind. As for the dream pool, you can try to inflate the giant balloons yourself, but it is better to take the electric pump out of the buoys! When the balloons are inflated, throw them in the water and you shouldn't have to wait long to follow the same path... I assure you that your guests (young and/or old) will be breathless!

In both cases, you can choose balloons of different sizes and colors! The best is to try to find balloons in keeping with your theme (if you have one). For instance, make a balloon pool pink and white for a princess birthday, a ball pool greens and whites for a botanical wedding or make a balloon pool blue and pink for one baby shower. There is only one rule: have fun! 

And now, it's over ! Do not hesitate to take as many photos as possible for your friends to enjoy, and remember to tag us on Instagram to show us your #dailydoseoffiesta exploits!

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