Free and original idea with birthday balloon: balloon pool
Free and original idea with birthday balloon: balloon pool
Are you organizing a birthday party? A party ? So you will need Balloons ! Yes, these are the essential birthday decorative elements! They allow you to occupy the children, to brighten up the room, to indicate the place where it is happening... In short, impossible to do without them! However, we are well aware that the balloons are a little seen and reviewed, and that we no longer know how to arrange them for a breathtaking effect! So, we have prepared a surprise for you: a tutorial for a balloon pool! Come on, there's nothing complicated, we swear! Let's go for the big dive!

There are two types of ball pool. The ball pool in a real pool and the dreamed/fantasized ball pool (=without water). So let's go ! 

Dream pool

To make a balloon pool without water, all you have to do is inflate a lot of balloons with air, but really a lot. At least 200 for an area of ​​30 m². To inflate so many, you need an electric inflator and patience to tie the knots. When the balloons are inflated, they must be left on the ground. The more you inflate, the thicker it will be and the crazier the party will be!

real swimming pool

To make a real balloon pool, you need a pool. This is essential ! And inflate some balloons. For an optimal effect, I advise to choose large balloons of one meter. Just a few, I would say 5 or 6. You have to put water in the balloons before inflating them so as to weigh them down in the water and prevent them from blowing away at the first gust of wind. Obviously, to inflate giant balloons, it is better to take the electric pump out of the buoys! When the balloons are inflated, throw them into the water and you shouldn't have to wait long to follow the same path... I assure you that your guests (young and/or old) will be breathless!

Practical tip: for a pool about 90 cm high, you will need 27 balls to fill it!

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