Free birthday decoration idea: balloon wall
Free birthday decoration idea: balloon wall


The balls are clearly the stars of the party! They delight children, bring color to the room and can even be used to mark the location of the party! In short, they are essential! However, for a breathtaking birthday decoration, and to surprise your guests (who think they have seen the balloons from all angles), My Little Day suggests that you learn how to make a wall of balloons (yes, because the arch of balloon is not the only option)! You will see, everyone will end up conquered! We will explain to you right away how to make a balloon wall !

Organizing a birthday (or a wedding, a baby shower, or any party after all...) is never very easy! You have to think about a theme, find the decoration in agreement, think about buying the cake, the gifts… In short, it already takes a lot of time! So, often, we walk on social networks, we try to find the idea of ​​the century... And that's how we thought of the balloon wall! Well, we racked our brains because it seemed to be quite an ambitious project… How to go about it? Which balloons to choose for a balloon wall ? We took the plunge, and we haven't regretted it! So here are our 4 steps on how to make a hell of a balloon wall! 

1. Roll up your sleeves, it's time to get to work. To start, you have to cut a wire the length of the wall and stretch it. To stretch it, you have to tie it from end to end to chairs (or door handles or physical persons if you find nice volunteers!). For the thread, you can choose any kind as long as it is solid: nylon thread, iron wire, string...

2. Then, inflate the balloons one by one and tie the knot directly around the thread so that the balloon slides along the thread. The balloons must be glued to each other. All you have to do is inflate as many balloons as necessary to get a bunch of balloons. The more, the better! If you put more, it will really cover your wall and the effect will be even more impressive! 

3. Then, you have to make as many sausages as necessary to cover the wall. To fix the sausages (if you don't have a structure), tape the nylon thread with heavy tape. Check, before sticking, that your tape doesn't tear off the paint (yes, it would be a shame to ruin your pretty paint/wallpaper… In addition, we don't have a paint tutorial yet!). 

4. When the socks are fixed, you can tie them together with nylon thread. Just as you made a wall, you can make a balloon ceiling. It is the same technique as the balloon wall, but with your head in the air and both feet on a ladder (in this case, it is better to find another person to stay behind you... we prefer to avoid disasters!). 

Your guests should be amazed. Push them to pose in front of the wall with photo booth props, pointy hats, glasses... and take lots of photos! If the balloon arch is more well known, the balloon wall is perfect for a great post Instagram which will make everyone jealous! 

For a wall of 2 mx 3 m, it takes a good two hours to two. Inflating a balloon is fast, what's complicated is to tie the balloon knots! You will get out of it, we believe in you!

Regarding the choice of balloons, it is vast! It depends on your tastes, the party and the theme, but here are some ideas: 

- Your little treasure has asked you for a princess birthday (well, you're less of a fan and you don't want a candy pink wall)! To make a balloon wall in the theme, you can mix: a princess balloon (obviously), pink chrome balloons and pink Happy Birthday balloons. This will allow you to have a soft and trendy balloon wall while pleasing the queen of the party!

- Your sorcerer's apprentice wishes a harry potter birthday, to make a magic balloon wall, choose: wizard balloons, spider balloons, lightning balloon and black balloons! Yes, you don't need a magic wand to achieve feats!

- You want to make a balloon wall for your bohemian wedding, you can choose: brown mix balloons, giant white balloons and gold chrome heart balloons!

Above all, have fun! Mix sizes, colors and shapes as much as possible! Whether it's a chrome, pastel, or colorful balloon wall, the redu will necessarily be hot! 

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