Original birthday decoration idea: forest of balloons
Original birthday decoration idea: forest of balloons


The balls are essential for a birthday decoration! They delight children, bring pep to the party... In short, they are synonymous with fabulous decoration! However, it's time to give them a new look! We don't leave them lying around on the floor, we avoid leaving one alone on the wall... Today, My Little Day invites you to amaze all your guests with: a pretty balloon forest ! It's a great alternative to the balloon arch for even more surprise! It's super simple, you'll see! Fly to our tutorial!

Are you organizing a birthday party? A bohemian wedding, a country wedding or a botanical wedding? Looking for inspiration for a party decoration from hell? Bet on the balloons! They are the perfect solution for a simple decor, but great when you know how to handle them! Yes, because they are not just to be thrown randomly in the room! So, after explaining to you how to make an easy balloon arch, and how to make a balloon wall, today we invite you to discover how to make a fast balloon forest ! You will see, everyone will be conquered by the idea!

1. When inflating helium balloons, first of all, it is essential to prepare your equipment well! Because once the balloon is inflated, it flies away. And then, we are forced to embark on a mad dash to try to catch up with it (often in vain). To avoid this, we first cut the wool, ribbon or bolduc threads (which have the big advantage of not getting tangled) and choose a long length of thread.

2. Take the helium tank out of its box. However, some cylinders do not have the regulator attached to the cylinder. In this case, do not panic! You just have to screw it to the tap, like on a gas bottle.

3. Let's go, we inflate the balloons. If necessary, we look the tutorial here who will explain to you the BABA of the helium tank to inflate latex balloons.

4. Once the balloon is inflated, we tie a knot at the end with the wool or bolduc thread. And we attach it to a weight of balloons (or any heavy object that we can go around with a wire) or to the ground with tape. It's less clean, but it's very effective. Balloons float, but do not fly away. It is magic. If you are in a garden or at the beach, you will have to think a little differently and arm yourself well! Indeed, you will need sardines (the small bitoniau which allows you to hang a camping tent in the ground) to be sure that the balloons will not fly away at the first gust of wind, but that they will be satisfied to twirl. Even more magical!

5. If we want to push the decor, and whether we are in a garden or a park, there are still solutions! Yes, because our imagination has no limit! The solution ? Wrap the trees (you're probably frowning, but keep reading, I promise it's not that crazy)! Let me explain !! Just take bolduc or very very thick wool and wrap it around the tree trunks at the height of the balloons. This will add a little extra color and use everything around! Of course, you will have to remove the bolduc once the party is over! 

6. Obviously, the denser the forest or the more scattered the balloons in a very large space, the more impressive it is. You can also mix the sizes of balloons or opt for very large balloons if you have a very large space. And then, last thing, we don't tell the same story depending on the height of the balloons, so height to be defined on the spot! You certainly cannot float your balloons as high in an apartment as in a park! 

Helium keeps latex balloons in the air for (approximately) 24 hours. So that the balloons fly longer, Hifloat is used. The balloon will float between 48 and 72 hours longer! So the best advice we can give you is to inflate your balloons at the last minute (i.e. a few hours before your event, but especially not the day before). 

For the choice of balloons, treat yourself! Choose different balloon sizes, plain balloons, patterned balloons... in keeping with the anniversary theme, it's even better! For instance : 

- Forest animal balloons, a fox balloon and autumn trio balloons for a great forest animal birthday party! 

- Mix brown balloons, a giant white balloon and golden mix balloons for a super trendy bohemian wedding...  

- Yellow balloons, construction site balloons and a giant orange balloon for a machinery and construction site birthday party! 

Take as many photos as possible, show your masterpiece to your friends (and challenge them to make a forest of balloons in turn) and tag us on Instagram to show us the result!

Photo: Marion Dubier-Clark. Directed by Marie Mersier, assisted by Déborah Sfez. Photos taken at the Malassis park pond, in Breuillet. ©Milkmagazine

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