When we organize a birthday or a party in general, we can hardly see ourselves doing it without balloons ! Children love them, they dress the walls like no one else and they can even be scattered like in Tom Thumb to guide them to the party venue! In short, balloons are essential, but you can do so many things with them... So, which installation to choose? How to inflate them? How to hang them? How many do you need? The hanging of the balloons is done according to the mode of inflation and there are two ways to inflate the balloons: air or helium... Here, your head is as big as a balloon! Don't panic, we're here to help!

Air-filled balloons

- for the Californian Glam side, you want to save the planet!

- because you completely forgot to buy some, oops...

- because the cost of the helium tank has knocked you over!

- because you want to show that without helium the party is crazier.

So for all these reasons, we have plenty of tricks to make the decoration of balloons cool without helium and give the impression that they are flying, whereas the air does not allow them to fly!

1. The latex balloons are inflated by mouth. If necessary, we look the tutorial here. If you opt for a decoration with a lot of balloons or very large balloons, I advise you to buy a balloon pump or even an electric inflator. Difficult to inflate more than 2 large balloons of one meter in the mouth. Trust me. I did it.

2. To give an airy look to the decoration, rub the latex balloons against a plaid, a sweater, etc. in wool, it's even better if you have cashmere. You can also rub them against your hair. All you have to do is press them against the ceiling (if you have a high ceiling, plan a stepladder, because you will have to "stick" the balloons to the ceiling)(be careful, sometimes it doesn't work, it depends of your painting). The cloud of balloons is yours!

3. Mylar balloons don't react very well to static electricity. You can, as in this tutorial, attach a piece of double-sided tape or masking tape and stick the balloon on the wall.

4. This advice also works for balloons that would not have reacted to rubbing cashmere / wool / hair, because they are not in phase with the paint.

5. You can also hang the balloons from the ceiling upside down, it's less surprising, but by putting a lot, it can have its effect!

6. Finally, you can also make this decoration exceptional by making an entire wall of balloons!

- For this installation, you will need nylon thread, dozens of balloons (number to be determined according to the size of the wall to be covered) (for a wall of 2 mx 3 m, you need a hundred balloons) and a balloon pump, or even an electric inflator (over 30 balloons, it's mandatory)!

- To carry out this installation, you must cut a wire the length of the wall and stretch it. To stretch it, you have to tie it from end to end to chairs (or door handles or physical persons). Then, you have to inflate a balloon and tie the knot directly around the thread so that the balloon slides along the thread. All you have to do is inflate as many balloons as necessary to get a bunch of balloons. Then, you have to make as many sausages as necessary to cover the wall. When the socks are fixed, you can tie them to each other with nylon thread.

7. You can also make a single sausage and attach it to your wall with a little tape, forming an arch like in the photo in this article!

8. Just as you made a wall, you can make a balloon ceiling. It's the same technique as the balloon wall, but with your head in the air and both feet on a ladder.

9. Last proposal, the balloon floor. Just inflate balloons in the air and let them hang on the ground. If you put a lot, really a lot, it will give a pool of balloons. With this option, nothing fragile should be left in the room, because the balloons will be launched and you may well find yourself in the middle of a battlefield. But a very happy battlefield!

Balloons inflated with helium

Helium keeps latex balloons in the air for 24 hours. To make balloons fly longer, Hifloat is used. The balloon will float between 48 and 72 hours longer! So the best advice we can give you is to inflate your balloons at the last minute (a few hours before the event, but especially not the day before). Mylar balloons (metallic) can stay in the air for a very long time, but the duration is very variable! Let's say that the lifespan of a mylar balloon inflated with helium varies between 24 hours and several weeks!

When you inflate helium balloons, first of all, you prepare your equipment well! Because once the balloon is inflated, it flies away. We first cut the wool, ribbon or bolduc threads (which have the big advantage of not getting tangled), we choose a long length of thread determined according to your ceiling height. If you decide not to let the balloons stick to the ceiling, you need balloon weights (or anything heavy that you can wrap around with string) that will allow the balloons to float without flying away. If you are in a garden and you want to make a forest of balloons and be sure that the balloon will not fly away at the first gust of wind, you will need sardines (the small bitoniau which allows you to hang a tent of camping in the ground).

1. Take the helium tank out of its box. Some cylinders do not have the regulator attached to the cylinder, in this case don't panic, just screw it to the tap, like on a gas cylinder.

2. Let's go, we inflate the balloons. If necessary, we watch the tutorial here which will explain the BABA of the helium tank to inflate latex balloons and mylar balloons.

3. Once the balloon is inflated, tie a knot at the end with the wool or bolduc thread. And we can let the balloon fly to the ceiling. By inflating it full, you will have a ceiling of balloons. To fill the ceiling of a room of 30 m², it takes at least 100 balloons.

4. For installation, the balloons can be grouped together and attached to a balloon weight, or on the back of a chair. You can also place them all over the room.

5. You can also make an arch. The arch makes it possible to create a circulation between two rooms or in a garden to pass from one space to another. We explain how to create the arch very quickly in a dedicated article.

6. And, there's the bunch of balloons. There are two schools there. There is the "clutter" cluster and the "symmetrical" cluster. Both require a particular technique. For the cluster, called "clutter", it can be suspended from the ground or from a chair. The "symmetrical" cluster needs a wall as a support! Here too, we will write a specific article for you very quickly.

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