Ideas and tips for setting an original sweet birthday table
Ideas and tips for setting an original sweet birthday table
You organize a birthday, a baby shower, a marriage... but you lack inspiration for decoration? We have a great idea for you! We thought that a party, in general, is synonymous with sweetness... Whether in the literal sense or in the sense of cakes and sweets galore! So why not make it a great table decoration? Follow our tutorial and make your American "sweet table"! Pinterest effect guaranteed!
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    A sweet table, as its name suggests, is a table filled with sweets.

    It's an American trend and I would even say more: it's a tableware in its own right that our sisters from Oh Happy Day perfectly mastered.

    First of all, a sweet table is prepared in advance. It's necessary to choose a theme precise and decline it so that each element is an integral part of the chosen theme. The sweet delicacies will be even more highlighted!

Here are our 3 points to set a sweet table in the rules of the art (in our opinion):

1. Choose a theme

The choice of theme is crucial, because it is what will bring your table to life. A theme can be a color, a season, a cartoon character, a city... The theme can be related to your occasion (a pastel sweet table for a baby shower), or completely offbeat (a summertime sweet table for New Year), it's up to you.

You can take inspiration from the trends of the moment or the season, here are some examples: Tropical, Unicorn, Summertime, Pastel, Tutti Frutti, etc.

The result will be more harmonious if each element of the sweet table is in line with the chosen theme: a common thread is therefore strongly recommended so that all the elements blend together and that there is a certain coherence (a nice mess, yes / a big rubbish, no).

2. Install the table elements

The big question: a sweet table would be nothing without? Without ? But yes, without a table! We choose it not wobbly, and we place it in a strategic place (if possible, against a wall, or if it is in a park, against a tree).

You can cover it with a nice tablecloth (unless it's an India Mahdavi table). And then you can:

1. Arrange all the straws in a cup.

2. Create a farandole of cups.

3. Install the cake prominently, on a cake plate so that it can be seen clearly (unless it is missed).

4. Imagine a pyramid of honeycomb balls.

5. Put here and there confetti, small toys...

3. The final touch

Your table is (almost) ready! For a really successful sweet table (with guaranteed "wow" effect), we "overflow" from the table by hanging garlands above the table, or by floating balloons on the sides. The idea is to expand the table to give it volume.

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