Easy and free tutorial child birthday animation: pinata
Easy and free tutorial child birthday animation: pinata


Are you organizing a birthday or a party soon? Let's go for the organization: we think of the balloons, the garlands, the tablecloths, the cutlery, the food... And then, damn it! What are you going to be able to do for the animation? A pinata, sure ! It is THE must have for a successful birthday decoration and entertainment. But hey, how to choose it? fill it? suspend it? break it? We reveal all our secrets and our pinata tips for one hell of a party!


There are many different pinatas. When making choices, it is important to ask yourself a few questions.

1ʳᵉ question: Pinata with or without wire?

Pinatas WITH WIRES are perfect for young and old. Each child pulls on a string, one of them will open the pinata, it's magic! Wire pinatas are also a good compromise for parties in apartments, in small spaces...

WIRELESS pinatas are suitable for all ages, but it takes a bit of strength and tactics to hit the mark and successfully crack the Holy Grail. Also, they are perfect in large spaces, a garage, and of course outdoors! If you wonder how to break a cardboard pinata, well you just need a broomstick or a stick long enough to reach the pinata.

Pro tips:  The pinata is made of cardboard and is quite rigid, it can be very difficult to destroy it when it has no thread! If you choose a wireless pinata, here's a tip to make it easier to open: you can make a notch that you pierce and into which you can insert bits of string, ribbon or bolduc. Then, you have to replace the notch and tape it. The children, by pulling on the strings, will break the notch and thus release the surprises.

2ᵉ question: Which pinata, for which theme?

For the most figurative themes, there is always the right pinata.

For a Jurassic birthday, there is the T-Rex pinata, the Triceratops pinata or even the baby dino pinata. For a princess party, we hesitate between a castle pinata or a swan pinata! The pirate ship pinata is suitable for both budding Jack Sparrow and Peter Pan! For a colorful party, you can choose a rainbow pinata, a Mexican donkey or an ice cream pinata! For a summertime party, let yourself be tempted by a pineapple pinata or a watermelon pinata!

And then there are the basic pinatas, the ones that work whatever the theme! The unicorn pinata, which will be to your party what the little black dress is to your dressing room: a must have. The star pinata, to believe you are in Hollywood, or in the evening with Thomas Pesquet.


Preparing the pinata!

Fill it out: The pinata arrives empty so don't forget to fill it! But OK, how to fill a pinata ?! Well, on all pinatas, there is a dot (sometimes very well hidden) to push to make a hole appear in the pinata. This hole allows you to fill it! Candies, gifts, and confetti, you will find our tips for filling it simply and intelligently on our blog!

Suspend it: in my dreams

Inside: the pinata should be hung in the middle of the room, away from furniture and sofas. Children must be able to turn around, not fall if you plan to blindfold them.

If you have a free hook, a beam...: this will be the ideal place! As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a hook, no empty room...

Outdoors: the pinata can be hung on a branch in the garden, above a goal or a basketball hoop in a park...

Each pinata has a handle, just take some string or yarn, attach the yarn to the hook and define the length needed between the hook and the pinata. Remember that children must be able to reach it either to pull the strings or to tap it.

Suspend her: in real life

If you don't have a hook, or a way to secure it, you can hang it on a broomstick. In this case, an additional adult is needed who will hold the broom and be strong enough to undergo the crash test! In this case, choose wire pinatas! 

Break it: String pinatas are easy to break, guests all pull the pinata strings together, one of them will cause the pinata to split open. From 5-6 years old, wired or wireless, you can decide whatever happens to break the pinata with a stick, a broom... don't break and if you keep your calm!

Whatever happens (wired or wireless), place the children in single file and ask them to pull on a wire or hit the pinata (1 to 2 hits per child) each in turn. Stand in front of the line so as to control and guide the children, retrieve the stick between each passage, and do not hesitate to redo the single file if the mess sets in! From 9-10 years old, guests can also be blindfolded. The exercise is more dangerous, so we don't recommend it indoors… Anyway, it's up to you and we'll be delighted if you tell us about your experience! Conversely, it's great fun outdoors. Here too, do not hesitate to make a single file and guide the children (you are hot, you are cold, to the left, to the right, behind you, Koh Lanta atmosphere).

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