The voice theme party: making marshmallow microphones
The voice theme party: making marshmallow microphones


βŒ› Completion time: about 20 minutes
πŸ₯£ Difficulty: no need to be a pastry chef, it's easy to make!

Fans of The Voice and Star Academy, this recipe is made for you! Looking for an original idea for a teen birthday ? Or maybe for a slumber party themed around your child's favorite singing shows? Look no further, we have what you need! In this article, we present a rquick and easy recipe for making micro marshmallows, which will be a sensation with young and old alike. This recipe is a gourmet and playful option to accompany the festivities. So, are you ready to sing along and delight your guests with this original marshmallow recipe?

(I.e. Ingredients

- Marshmallows
- Sugar balls
- icing sugar
- Hot water
- Straws

πŸ‘¨πŸ» 🍳 The steps

1. Put a little hot water in a bowl and stir in icing sugar until you get a smooth and homogeneous glaze.
2. Stick the marshmallows on the straws.
3. Dip the marshmallows in the icing then in the sugar balls.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: to add a little pep to your pop marshmallows and make them even more beautiful, add food coloring of the color of your choice in the icing! It's also a great way to personalize them and avoid mixing microphones! 

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