Inspiration for free birthday games for children: superhero quiz
Inspiration for free birthday games for children: superhero quiz


You organize superhero themed birthday party ? You will need an activity to match! So, we offer you some ideas for questions to ask for a superhero quiz! Enough to test your knowledge of your favorite vigilantes and enrich them thanks to friends! You can create two teams that will compete, and possibly give small gifts to the winning team!

    Before starting the quizzes, you will have to put on your cape and mask to immerse yourself in the universe of our superheroes. Ask the children how they would define a superhero: someone who works for good? Someone with superpowers? Someone who is super strong? All this at the same time? You can then ask them what their favorite superhero is! Let's go !

    1. What is the profession of Clark Kent, aka Superman?

    2. What do Superman and Spiderman have in common?
    They were born in March
    They are orphans
    They are very rich

    3. What is the name of Superman's lover?

    4. What is special about Daredevil?
    He is blind
    He is deaf
    He's not a superhero

    5. To which community do Cyclops, Tornado and Wolverine belong?
    To the American Justice League
    To the league of super boys
    To the X-men

    6. Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, becomes a big, green, very pissed off monster when…
    … We steal a fry from him
    …He is stressed and angry
    … When you make eyes at your girlfriends

    7. Where does Iron Man's power come from?
    Of his hyper-sophisticated robotic armor
    From his high protein diet
    From his bodybuilding classes

    8. Who are the members of the Fantastic Four?
    Mr Incredible, the Elastic Woman, the Human Pyre and the Thing
    Mr Extra, the flying woman, the wood fire and the thing
    Mr Fantastic, the invisible woman, the human torch and the thing

    9. What is the name of Batman's city?
    Gotham City
    New York

    10. Who is Batman's main enemy?
    The Joker
    Iron man

    11. Who is from Krypton?

    12. In the X-men community, who has blue skin and is polymorphic?
    Snape (Malicia)
    Jean Gray (Phoenix)

    13. What object is Thor associated with?
    A hammer
    an anvil
    A mallet

    14. What is Iron Man's real name?
    Tobey Spark
    Tommy smart
    Tony Stark

    15. What accessory does Green Lantern get his power from?
    her ring
    His lantern
    Her necklace

    Do not hesitate to complete this quizzes Super hero with your own questions to make it last longer! Then you can find another birthday games idea on our blog for occupy the rest of the afternoon!

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