Safari quiz for themed children's birthday party
Safari quiz for themed children's birthday party


A little quizzes for safari themed birthday ? This theme is full of anecdotes and information! You are offered a selection of questions, but you can, of course, add questions according to the age of the children. To complicate the test, you can create two teams, the fastest to buzzer and give the correct answer wins a point or a candy.

    Tell the kids about safaris. Explain to them the purpose of this trip. Make a list with them of the animals they might encounter in the Savannah: lions, tigers, gazelles, giraffes, zebras... Now that they're in the mood, it's time for the safar theme quizi!

    1. What is the only feline to live in a group?
    The Puma

    2. Which feline is the fastest?
    The Jaguar
    The leopard

    3. Among the lions, who hunts?
    The Lions
    lion cubs

    4. What does Safari mean?
    Long trip
    Candy of

    5. Wildebeest is…
    … an African antelope
    …a kind of vulture
    … a rodent mammal

    6. The lynx is an animal known for…
    … his intelligence
    … its speed
    … his very good eyesight

    7. What is special about the elephant?
    It's the only animal that eats peanuts
    It's the only animal that has a trunk
    It's the only animal that doesn't drink water

    8. Who is Africa's biggest killer?
    The hippopotamus
    The leopard

    9. How big is the giraffe's neck?

    10. How old can a crocodile live?
    10 years
    30 years
    80 years

    Once the quizzes finished, no question of stopping! On our blog you can find another birthday games idea to make the pleasure last!

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