Quiz the snow queen for birthday animation
Quiz the snow queen for birthday animation


The Snow Queen has become one of the favorite cartoons of little girls. This is why, for a Frozen themed birthday partyIt offers snow queen quiz, perfect to see if the little guests know the film so well!

    Start by reminding the guests of the Frozen story so that they remember the context. After that, all that remains is to move on to the snow queen quiz !

    1. What is the name of the Snow Queen?

    2. What are his powers?
    She burns everything she touches
    She controls snow and ice
    She reads people's minds

    3. What should she wear at all times to hide this gift?
    A Cape

    4. What's her little sister's name?

    5. How did their parents die at sea?
    The boat was attacked by pirates
    The boat sank after hitting an iceberg
    The boat sank due to a violent storm

    6. What is the name of the kingdom of the snow queen?

    7. What misfortune causes the Snow Queen on the day of her coronation?
    It freezes the whole population
    She plunges her kingdom into an eternal winter
    It causes a hailstorm

    8. Sven, Kristoff's companion is a...
    ... a caribou
    ... a reindeer
    ... a moose

    9. What curse hits Anna?
    She has the same powers as her sister
    She melts like snow
    She turns into an ice statue

    10. “The Snow Queen” is inspired by a fairy tale…
    ... from the Brothers Grimm
    ... from Charles Perrault
    ... from Andersen

    Let it go ! the quizzes is now complete. If you have time left, head to the blog for another birthday games idea !

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