Birthday cake recipe idea: pirate treasure chest
Birthday cake recipe idea: pirate treasure chest


Oh! You are organizing soon a little pirate hop and you don't know what to cook? Nothing better for the belly of your sailors than a cake recipe signed My Little Day! With our easy and free tutorial, you can cook a treasure chest cake that will pay tribute to the greatness of the captain! A great way to show off your cock skills, on top of that! So, we sharpen the knives and let's go! The whole crew will be delighted!

    For the pirate treasure chest cake recipe, nothing could be simpler: 

    1. Cut the cake lengthwise.

    2. Reassemble the cake in the shape of a trunk.

    3. On the upper part, cut tart strips and glue them with melted chocolate.

    4. Glue dragibus on the strips.

    5. Fill the inside with candy, gold coins and candy necklaces.

    And that is all ! Even the worst gargoyle couldn't miss it! 

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