Free entertainment to do for a child's birthday: pirate quiz
Free entertainment to do for a child's birthday: pirate quiz


You organize pirate themed birthday party and you want to make an animation that will thrill the whole crew? Make a pirate quiz ! It's a theme full of mysteries and treasures! And to help you, we have a few questions for you. You can add more, and adapt them according to the age of your little mosses. Show no mercy !

    Make a topo to the children to put them in the bath. Begin to remember what a pirate is: an adventurer who ran the seas to plunder ships. Then, talk about the most emblematic pirates: Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Captain Flint... and let's go for the quizzes !

    1. What were the pirate ships called?
    The caravels
    The longships

    2. What is the name of the pirate hat?
    The fur hat
    The sombrero
    The tricorn 

    3. What was forbidden to do on a ship?
    To spit

    4. What is the name of the very famous pirate island in the West Indies that has an animal name?
    turtle island
    whale island
    sea ​​serpent island

    5. What is the name of the pirate watching at the top of the mast?
    The watch
    the watchman
    The sailor

    6. Which of these characters was not a pirate?
    Black beard
    The nozzle
    Blue Beard

    7. What does the expression "no quarter" used by hackers mean?
    To attack
    No survivors
    Go for it

    8. What is a pirate's favorite weapon?
    The cutlass
    The pistol
    The sword

    9. In pirate vocabulary, what is a nine-tailed cat?
    A whip used to punish sailors
    A mythical cat that protects pirates from the storm
    A string system

    10. What is the name of the pirate flag?
    Sam Skully
    Bone Flag
    Jolly Roger

    11. What is the name of the famous pirate captain in Treasure Planet, an adaptation of Treasure Island?
    Jim hawkins
    Nathaniel Flint
    John Silver

    12. What is Captain Jack Sparrow's cult phrase?
    "May this day forever be remembered as the day you nearly captured Captain Jack Sparrow."
    "I am dishonest, and you can always be sure dishonest man will be dishonest."
    "I have a jar of soil, and guess what's in it!"

    13. What were the pirates in the Caribbean called?
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    the runaways

    14. What was the famous Blackbeard's real name?
    killian jones
    Edward Teach
    John Finch

    15. How did pirates call their captain?
    The captain was self-proclaimed, he ruled by terror
    The captain was chosen at random
    With a vote

    And There you go ! If you have any other questions to prolong the pirate quiz longer... do not hesitate! And if you wish to find another birthday games idea to occupy the rest of the afternoon: go to our blog!

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