Children's birthday activity idea: Harry Potter quiz
Children's birthday activity idea: Harry Potter quiz


You organize Harry Potter themed birthday party and you want to make a magic animation? Make a harry potter quiz, it's a theme full of anecdotes and legends! And we give you ideas for questions! You can, of course, add questions according to the age of the children. To complicate the test, you can create two teams, the fastest to buzzer and give the correct answer wins a point or a candy. So, will you be like Ron or like Hermione?

    Before starting thebirthday entertainment, tell the children about Harry Potter in order to put them in the potion. Remind them of the story, main characters, and timeline. From the moment Hagrid dropped him off in front of the Durdleys at 4 Privet Drive, when he entered Hogwarts, and until the final showdown with the-Name-Must-Not-Be-Pronounced! To make the moment even more magical, we have prepared a playlist for you on Spotify et Deezer to put in the background... Let's go for the harry potter quiz !

    1. Who brings baby Harry to his uncle and aunt when his parents have just died?
    Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall
    Dumbledore, Hagrid and Sirius Black
    Sirius Black, Hagrid and McGonagall

    2. What is the platform number where sorcerer's apprentices must take the Hogwarts Express?
    Pier 9 1/4
    Pier 9 3/4
    Platform 9,5

    3. What is Voldemort's real name?
    Marcus belby
    Malcolm Baddock
    Tom Riddle

    4. Where is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets?
    In the girls' bathroom
    In the banquet hall
    In the Gryffindor dormitory

    5. What is Harry's first broom called?
    nimbus 4000
    A Flash of Fire
    nimbus 2000

    6. What are the sweets that can have very surprising tastes called?
    Bertie Crochue's surprise dragees
    chocolate frogs
    Slug erasers

    7. What's in Harry's first wand?
    A unicorn's hair
    A phoenix feather
    A dragon heart ventricle

    8. Which of these spells is not one of the unforgivable spells?
    Avada kedavra
    Cut Sempra 

    9. What are wizards born to non-wizard parents called?
    The squibs
    The Mudbloods

    10. What is Dumbledore's patronus?
    A fox
    A deer
    A phoenix

    11. What is the start day at Hogwarts?
    September 1
    October 31
    The 1 November

    12. What is Harry's address?
    4. Private Drive
    4 Privet Street
    6 Privet Street

    13. Where are Dudley and his parents going for his birthday?
    At the amusement park
    At the zoo
    To Bowling

    14. What is the name of the pub that leads to Diagon Alley?
    The Leaky Cauldron
    The Sorcerer's Lair
    With Toad Slime

    15. What subject does Quirrell teach?
    Defense Against the Dark Arts

    16. What is the name of the magic mirror?
    The mirror of desire
    The mirror of the sird
    The rised mirror

    17. What is Hagrid's job?
    Professor of Magical Creatures
    game warden

    18. In the first book, how many Weasleys are in school?

    19. What is the magic formula that opens a door?
    petrificus totalus
    Locomotor mortis

    20. What is the name of the dog guarding the trap door?

    21. How do I get past him?
    Give him a hug
    Play music
    prank him

    22. What is special about the ceiling of the great hall?
    He's covered in stars
    We see Quidditch matches
    It is lined with the flags representing the houses

    23. Which chess piece does Harry replace?
    A horserider
    A mad person
    A tower

    Well, here are the main questions! If you have other ideas in mind: put them down to make the quizzes ! And if you want another birthday games idea to keep everyone busy, check out our blog! 

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