Flower theme birthday: flower wall decoration
Flower theme birthday: flower wall decoration
We all love flowers! They smell good, they are colorful and sometimes have incredible shapes! So for a flower themed birthday, the baby shower or a Frida Kahlo birthday, we had the idea of ​​creating a wall of flowers. It will bring a whimsical and spring-like touch to your party decoration.

1. Choose an open wall in your reception room.
2. Cut small pieces of masking tape. Vary the colors, it will be even prettier!
3. Hang your flowers on the wall by placing your masking tape at the stem.

Pro tip: if you choose the fresh flowers option, we advise you to do your installation at the last moment, and to wrap a small piece of adhesive on the stem before regluing a piece of masking tape over it to hang it on the wall . This will avoid green spots!

This ultra-simple DIY is ideal for completing a birthday, wedding or baby shower decoration! We are waiting for your feedback!!

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