Original idea for girl's birthday party: Frida Kahlo quiz
Original idea for girl's birthday party: Frida Kahlo quiz


A little quizzes Frida Kahlo? It's the perfect way to introduce the theme to little guests before they start. Frida Kahlo birthday. You could also use it at the end of the party to see what everyone learned. If you lack inspiration for the questions, we offer you some! You can, of course, add, remove or change the questions depending on the age of the participants. To complicate this event, create two teams: the first to ring the buzzer wins a point/a candy.

    To start the birthday party, ask the children to come together and sit down (to calm them down a bit and get their attention). Ask them who is Frida Kahlo? What can they say about her? Do they like it?
    This will allow them to get in the mood and prepare for the questions to come. When it's done, it's on for the quizzes !

    1. What is Frida's date of birth?
    July 6, 1907
    September 4, 1890
    24th May 1950

    2. What is his full name?
    Frida Kahlo
    Carmen Kahlo Calderon Frida
    Frida Cardlron Kahlo
    Frida Carmen Kahlo Calderon

    3. What country is she from?

    4. In which city was Frida Kahlo born?

    5. What political party was she a member of?
    ecology party the greens
    Communist Party
    tea party

    6. What was her husband's name?
    Pablo Picasso
    Claude Monet
    Diego Rivera

    7. What job did her husband do?
    A famous painter
    A singer
    A businessman

    8. What job did she want to do when she was a teenager?

    9. Why did she start painting?
    She always dreamed of being an artist
    She was injured in a bus accident
    His father taught him

    10. After her bus accident, what strategy did the painter Frida Kahlo put in place to be able to easily do her self-portrait?
    She applied the canvas directly to her face
    She painted according to the descriptions of herself given to her by those close to her.
    She hung a mirror above her bed
    She guessed the contours of her face by touch, before painting herself

    11. What kind of works is she known for?
    The landscape
    The self-portraits

    12. What was she inspired by?
    Mexican indigenous art
    His adventures

    13. How did Frida Kahlo get to the opening of her exhibition in 1953?
    In a wheelchair
    On crutches
    On his hospital bed

    14. Which of these paintings did Frida Kahlo dedicate to Leon Trotsky?
    under the curtains
    The tree of hope, stay strong
    sun and life

    15. What political issue(s) did she support?
    The emancipation of Mexican women
    The preservation of Mexican culture

    Stopping climate change

    16. Which of these works is not Frida's?
    My parents, my grandparents and me
    Henry Ford Hospital
    Les Tournesols

    17. What is his date of death?
    July 13, 1954
    March 4, 1997
    November 21, 1968

    18. Where did she die?
    New York
    Washington DC
    In his native village

    19. In 2003, a biopic about the life of Frida Kahlo titled Frida was made. Who was the lead actress?
    Penelope Cruz
    Salma Hayek
    Eva Mendes

    20. In the painting "The Two Fridas", what organ did she paint besides her body?
    His pancreas
    His heart
    His spine
    His stomach

    And There you go ! If you have other ideas for questions to make the quiz last, don't hesitate to ask them! Otherwise, you will find another birthday games idea on our blog!

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