Cowboy birthday: chocolate cake idea
Cowboy birthday: chocolate cake idea


Your little one cowboy celebrating his birthday soon? You are surely going to need a great cake. So, if you haven't found inspiration yet, we've prepared the perfect chocolate cake for you: a cowboy fort! What better for the theme. In addition, chocolate is a safe bet... This will prevent the little cowboys from ending up drawing the revolvers.

La base

Super simple! The base of the cake consists of a large square surmounted by 4 small squares in... Yoghurt cake! Child's play, we told you. All you have to do is double the quantities of your usual recipe (but we're nice, we'll give you one!).


- 2 yogurts (we keep a pot!)
- 4 jars of sugar
- 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 6 jars of flour
- 1 jar of oil
- 1 packet of dry yeast
- 1 pinch of salt
- 6 eggs

The steps

1. Mix everything and cook in two molds for 35 min at 180°.

The ganache

The ganache will serve as edible glue to assemble everything.


- 200g of pastry chocolate
- 230g of liquid cream
- 80g of butter

The steps

1. Boil the cream and the butter.
2. Once boiling, pour in the previously chopped chocolate.
3. Leave to stand for 1 to 2 minutes without mixing.
4. Whisk.


This is the most fun step!


- 1 pack of Mikado
- 2 packets of fingers

The steps

1. Unmold the cakes. Cut one of the two into 4.
2. Fix the 4 squares of cake on the big cake with the ganache.
3. Coat the slices of the cakes with ganache and "glue" the fingers around each cake.
4. Using the same principle, make a door with the chocolate part of a few Mikado.
5. Let everything dry well and now it's time for the decoration: flags and some Playmobil for fun and voila!

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