Activity ideas for boy's birthday: cowboy quiz
Activity ideas for boy's birthday: cowboy quiz
Need an activity for a cowboy and indian birthday ? Take a quiz about cowboys and Indians! This theme is full of anecdotes and information for young and old, the perfect opportunity to organize a quiz! Here are some examples of questions to ask. You can of course add questions according to the age of the children. To complicate the test, you can create two teams, the fastest to buzz and give the correct answer wins a point/a candy!

    Sit the children in a circle and cross-legged. Start by asking them what is a cowboy for them (they will surely have the image of the cowboy in western movies!)? Then explain to them what he really is: he is a man who herds cattle on the ranches of North America. This will allow them to get into the swing of things before starting the quiz!

    1. Among cowboys, the rope used to catch cattle is called:
    the lasso
    The Cattle Rope

    2. What is the name of the chief of police in cowboys?
    the sheriff

    3. How do Indians call cowboys?
    big noses
    The pale faces
    The long feet

    4. Cowboys raised:

    5. Cowboys love:
    The archery
    the rodeo

    6. Who is the man who shoots faster than his shadow?
    Buffalo bill
    Billy the Kid
    Lucky Luke 

    7. What is a bar called in the Wild West?
    A pub
    a saloon
    A tea room

    8. What is a movie with cowboys called?
    A thriller
    a peplum
    A Western 

    9. To wage war, the Indians use:
    A sword
    An axe
    a pole

    10. What do the Indians live in?
    In houses

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