Children's birthday decoration idea with rainbow theme
Children's birthday decoration idea with rainbow theme


If you are organizing a magical birthday party for your child, on the theme of unicorns or the rainbow theme, but you lack inspiration for the decoration... We have what you need! We offer you a super easy and free tutorial to make a colorful decoration that will send everyone into the clouds! So grab your scissors and let's go!
  • 1ND STEP.

    1ND STEP.

    1ND STEP.

    Prepare all the necessary materials for the rainbow decoration, roll up your sleeves, and let's go! 


First of all, prepare your equipment well! We cut the woolen threads beforehand, we choose a long length of thread, even if it means recutting them afterwards. You can also prefer bolduc which has the big advantage of not tangling. Finally, we do not forget the balloon weights that will allow the balloons to float without flying away.

1. Take the helium tank out of its box. Some cylinders do not have the regulator attached to the cylinder, in this case don't panic, just screw it to the tap, like on a gas cylinder.

2. Let's go, we inflate the balloons. If necessary, we look the tutorial who will explain to you the BABA of the helium tank to inflate latex balloons and mylar balloons.

3. Once the balloon is inflated, tie a knot at the end with the wool or bolduc thread. And we can let the balloon fly to the ceiling.

4. To get the balloons flying around the rainbow, hang each balloon on a balloon weight; pebbles, or small toys will also do the trick! We do not hesitate to make irregular lengths of yarn, from 80 cm to 1,80 m to create flight! You can also tape them to the ground.

There you go, the scene is set.


If like me you are not a fan of helium:

- for the Californian Glam side, you want to save the planet!

- because you completely forgot to buy some, oops...

- because the cost of the helium tank has knocked you over!!

And that's good, we have lots of tips to make the decoration of balloons cool without helium!

1. The latex balloons are inflated by mouth. Ditto for mylar balloons. If necessary, we look the tutorial.

2. To give an airy look to the decor, rub the latex balloons against a plaid, a sweater, etc. in wool, it's even better if you have cashmere. You can also rub them against your hair. All you have to do is press them against the ceiling (if you have a high ceiling, plan a stepladder). Attention, sometimes it does not work, it depends on your painting. The cloud of balloons is yours!

3. Mylar balloons don't react very well to static electricity. You can like in this tutorial attach a piece of double-sided tape or masking tape and stick the balloon on the wall.

4. Finally, you can also make this decoration exceptional by making a whole wall of balloons !

- For this installation, you will need nylon thread, dozens of balloons (number to be determined according to the size of the wall to be covered) (for a wall of 2 mx 3 m, you need a hundred balloons) and a balloon pump!

- To carry out this installation, you must cut a wire the length of the wall, and stretch it. To stretch it, you have to tie it from end to end to chairs (or door handles or physical persons). Then, you have to inflate a balloon and tie the knot directly around the thread so that the balloon slides along the thread. All you have to do is inflate as many balloons as necessary to get a bunch of balloons. Then, you have to make as many sausages as necessary to cover the wall. When the socks are fixed, you can tie them to each other with nylon thread.

- You can also make a single sausage and attach it to your wall with a little tape, forming an arch like in this photo of Estelle!

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