Free idea for children's birthday activities: forest animal quiz
Free idea for children's birthday activities: forest animal quiz


You organize forest animal themed birthday party, but you have no idea for the birthday animation? Why not a quizzes with animals ! This playful and fun activity will allow everyone to test their knowledge of forest animals, but also to acquire new ones! You are even given examples of questions to ask. You can, of course, add questions according to the age of the children! Let's go !

    Gather the kids and start setting the scene. Tell them to close their eyes and take them to the forest through a story: we enter the forest, we hear the birds singing around us, we stay on the lookout to try to meet the animals that live in this forest... will we succeed?
    Once everyone is in the mood, let's go for the quizzes !

    1. What quill-covered animal looks like a hedgehog?
    The porcupine
    The turtle
    The pore-epic

    2. Which animal builds dams on rivers?
    The Beaver

    3. In case of danger, what does the groundhog do?
    She jumps
    She dances
    She whistles

    4. What is the squirrel's favorite food?
    The pistachio
    pine cones

    5. What is the bear shelter called?
    A tavern
    A den
    a molehill

    6. Approximately how long does a groundhog hibernate?
    Fifteen days
    2 months
    6 months

    7. How many spines does the hedgehog have on its back?
    2000 to 3000
    5000 to 7500
    10 to 000

    8. What type of animal is the pipistrelle?
    A bird
    A bat
    A rodent

    9. How can you spot the tracks of a snail?
    Following the trail of silver slime he leaves behind
    Following in his footsteps
    By following his little droppings

    10. What is the name of the frog's baby?
    the firecracker
    The tadpole
    The party animal

    11. Before becoming a butterfly, what was he?
    An ant
    A chip
    A caterpillar

    12. The fox is said to be:
    It was

    13. What is the name of the hedgehog's baby?

    14. How fast can a deer run?

    15. What is a herd of deer called?
    A Hord
    a herd

    16. The deer has no tail.

    17. What is the name of the wild boar's mother?
    The base
    the doe
    the sow

    And There you go ! If you have any other questions to extend the forest animals quiz, don't hesitate! And if you want another birthday games idea : go to our blog!

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