How to organize well for a birthday party?
How to organize well for a birthday party?
For anniversary., there are so many things to think about. It can be stressful, tiring and requires organization. So, to help you, we thought of an idea that could be useful to you. We have prepared a schedule for you that will allow you to think about everything down to the smallest detail!

In my dreams, my children's birthday goes exactly like this...


D-4 weeks. I fixed a date and ordered the invitation cards. They are superb. My Felix will be thrilled.

D-3 weeks. Felix and I have defined a list. He is 6 years old, they will be 6! Felix is ​​very reasonable. He is fantastic ! He wrote all the names of his boyfriends on the envelopes. Tomorrow, he will distribute the precious boxes at school.

J-3 weeks always. We have decided on a theme, this year we will have a Super hero. It remains to find the appropriate equipment for the backgammon, Deco, workshops., gifts. I make a to-do list.

D-2 weeks. All the parents answered me, they all preceded the fateful date of the RSVP. I am a star !

D-2 weeks. I am starting to receive all the necessary material for my chick's precious and memorable 6th birthday. It'll be great. We are overwhelmed with excitement. 1 more week!!!!

D-1 week. I ordered the super cake with the S for SUPER. He will be so happy. The countdown has begun: every evening a mission.

J-6. I make a superb cape with my sewing machine that I only take out for special occasions.

J-5. I realize the city of New York in cardboard with the scraps of cardboard that I had previously kept, because I am very well organized.

J-4. I'm making a playlist that kids will love.

J-3. I'm doing an internet search to figure out what games we're going to do. I spend hours there. I find lots of ideas. I prioritize, I list, I choose.

J-2. I do the shopping, I buy some sweets, lots of fruit and juice, because the children won't leave my Felix's birthday party stuffed like geese.

J-1. I'm making a cape for myself, a Super Mom cape just to get the theme right. I install my decoration. I am ready.


9h Felix stands up, relaxed. He is amazed by the decoration that I installed the day before. Breakfast.

10h We set the table. It's nice.

11h We refine the decor.

12h We are eating lunch.

13h Quiet time. Just to be in shape for a snack. Obviously, my Félix is ​​so great that he bends to the exercise without flinching.

14h It's time to dress up, put on make-up, dispatch sweets, fruit, pour juices into carafes.

14h45. The excitement has come to a climax. They are coming soon.

14h59. The 1st guest arrives. The party can begin.

15h05. My little troop is gathered around the superhero of the day. Let's go for a heroic afternoon.

15h06. I introduce myself to the children, I explain to them how the party will unfold. They look at me dumbfounded. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. They are silent, they seem impressed.

15h07. Let's go. We play “1-2-3 sun” making funny faces.

15h10. I continue with “in my house underground”.

15h12. The “musical gift”.

15h20. The "forbidden word".

15h25. I think I'm going a little fast. I need to slow down. Otherwise in 15 minutes the snack will be folded. We're going to drag. The children look at me with shining eyes. I believe that I am luminous.

15h35. We build the teams.

15h45. I have two teams. The “Champions” and the “Best”. It'll be hot.

15h46. The musical beret can begin. They are heated to block. They congratulate each other. They are very urban!

16h00. We do a series of team games. They are in a trance and so nice. It is a moment of communion.

16h15. One last game before snack. I'm starting to lose them. They are thirsty. They are hot. I think they could take a nap. Me, I'm in great shape. BRIGHT! Chifoumi?

16h30. A little train and we sit around the table that has been eyeing them since their arrival. They rush on the fruit. These children are definitely angels. Not even need to give them the speech on the superheroes which recharge their battery.

17h00. A little superhero workshop. We customize masks, color New York, we make seersucker capes. You could hear the flies flying. I'm a little worried, maybe they're bored. No, they are just focused...

17h30. Mini boom. A little music, we make the musical statues.

17h45. Time flies. The parents are coming. We open the gifts. Each child religiously brings his gift to my Felix drunk with happiness.

18h Parents arrive. They are a little worried and find it hard to believe when I tell them it was great. I wonder how things are going with them.

18h05. I suggest they drink a glass of champagne while the children go off to play in Felix's room.

18H20. Parents are as urban as their children. After a cup, everyone cleared out with gifts in their hands.

18h30. It's time to tidy up. Felix is ​​flushed and happy. He thanks me a thousand times. He will soon go to bed ... And me too.

D+1. I'm taking Felix to school. The children call me by my first name, they look at me as if I were a princess. In short, I'm great!

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