Tips for opening birthday party gifts
Tips for opening birthday party gifts
The opening of gifts is a key moment of the birthday party! Your child is spoiled and he thanks all his friends. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, My Little Day has prepared a few tips for you... it shouldn't end in a rout!

We strongly advise you to wait until the very end of the snack to open the gifts (great experience of the subject). The best is to wait until the time of virtual release: 10 minutes before the parents arrive to pick up the little guests.

— We are now going to open Paulo's presents!!! I would like Paulo to come and sit next to me and for you all to sit across from us. Let's go !

- Wow, a puzzle! Thank you Margaux!

— Paulo, do you want to give Margaux a kiss?

— Yeaaah...

Obviously, it is sometimes difficult to keep the children seated, they all want to see the presents, all of them give their present first. Maintaining calm at this time of the day is quite difficult!

If there are gifts for little guests, give them out on the doorstep, when everyone is ready to leave. You can also write the names of the children on the pockets. It avoids a lot of drama.

The party is over, but there's no question of putting everything away, we have to make this unique moment last. We hang the garlands in the room, we leave the balloons hanging around...

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