Tips and tricks instructions for children's birthday games
Tips and tricks instructions for children's birthday games


If you're having a birthday party, chances are you'll want to make birthday games to ensure an atmosphere of hell! However, there are so many games and possible variants that it is sometimes complicated to find your way around! So here's an introduction and a walkthrough for understanding the games and alternating between them in a way that makes for a successful (at best) birthday party.

- The birthday games are written in the first person so that they can be read like a play during the birthday party. This does not exempt you from having read and understood them the day before the party! 

- The birthday games are classified by age; this is the minimum age at which they can be done, which means they can be done well after the age indicated. Thereby, Wolf are you there ? is recommended for three-year-olds, but can be offered to children aged 4, 5, 6 and even 7! This will allow you to sort. It is often difficult to know which birthday activities are suitable for children. 

- If certain birthday games seem to you to be unsuited to the age indicated for your child, do not hesitate to choose from those of the age preceding or following: if your child is at the end of the year and all his buddies are six months older than him, feel free to look at the next age. If, on the contrary, they are younger, look at the previous age.

- During the birthday snack, you have to play the birthday games. As soon as you feel that you are losing the children or that you feel a hint of annoyance, you have to change your activity. The duration of the games is given as an indication. The time of a birthday game depends on the number of children and the interest you have managed to create for the game!

- You have to do a cheat sheet (very exhaustive) with the progress of the games to always know what you are going to do next, so that they do not see in your eyes that you are lost (even if you are a bit lost).

- To keep them awake AND under control, alternate between birthday game calm and dynamic. 

- If you are doing a workshop, do it after the snack. It gives children a breather, they are happy to concentrate on an individual task. For you, it can be a saving moment. The worst is over! Courage, more than an hour.

- If you do two workshops, do one after 2 or 3 games, redo an animation before the snack, then do the 2ᵉ workshop just after the snack! After that, you have an hour of play left. After the workshops, the children like to stretch their legs.

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