Advice for the necessary equipment for birthday games
Advice for the necessary equipment for birthday games


For birthday entertainment, whatever the theme, you will surely opt for games (after all, it is a safe bet with children!). Although these birthday games require very little material, there are still essential tools! So, we've put everything together in one article to make it easier for you. Follow the guide… The list is (very very) short!

For birthday games, you don't need a lot of things (apart from your determination and motivation). However, you might need a few things for some birthday games like:

- a soundtrack (with about ten songs) that will please your child and you, because it is you who will motivate everyone. If you run out of ideas, just click on our playlists Deezer et Spotify which we regularly update and which could be of service to you. The playlists have been designed to appeal to both parents and children!

- a broomstick

- scarf

- a small gift (a trinket) wrapped in 4 layers of paper (to be able to play the essential Brazilian dance)

- and your good mood!

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