Free ideas and tips for the child's birthday party
Free ideas and tips for the child's birthday party


Le birthday snack, it's mid-afternoon break, it's cake time, birthday candles, happy birthday, celebration!! It is therefore one of the most anticipated moments, and we want it to go as well as possible. So, our team offers you advice to make it last as long as possible, and make the moment even more festive!

You thought thatorganize a birthday party was going to be piece of cake? Well, not that much! This is a key moment that will require a little bit of innovation! Why ? Because it will set the tone for the party and make everything even more unforgettable!

- Do you know how to make a small train?

- Yeaaaah!

- So, stand one behind the other, tie up (put the hands of the second on the shoulders of the first and so on). Above all, don't give up! Are you well attached?

- Yeaaaah!!

- I take the lead of the locomotive (tie the hands of the first on your waist). I choose a playlist, I start the music, here we go...

- Take a short lap where you go more or less quickly. You can do the snail, do zigzags and head to the snack place. It doesn't last more than two minutes, but the kids love it. Sit them at the table or on the floor and turn down the music.

- Get comfortable. Who wants apple juice, milk, grenadine… Who wants candy, cupcakes, tarts… Do you know what we sing for a birthday?

- Yeaaaah.

- So, let's practice. "Happy birthday..." That's good, do you know this song in other languages?

- When you are ready, start the countdown and sing "happy birthday" so that Felix blows out his candles.

If you don't have enough chairs or a table that isn't big enough, don't hesitate to set the table on the ground like for a picnic. If you opt for the picnic solution, the children will be delighted to help you lay the tablecloth, dispatch confetti and distribute plates and cups.

Of course, it's a birthday snack idea among many others (but which has proven itself). Do not hesitate to make conversation around the children's favorite themes: if they have animals, what are their favorite games in the park... You can also give them an idea of ​​what you will do after the birthday snack (birthday games, quizzes, musical game...) and emphasize the theme of the day if there is one.

When everyone has finished having a birthday snack, suggest a little detour to the toilets and quickly pick up your little troop.

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