Ideas and advice for declining a child's birthday theme
Ideas and advice for declining a child's birthday theme
Children love stories. In each of these stories, there is something that brings us back to reality, that makes the story tangible. Sequins evoke princesses, stars speak of superheroes... As if words and things had a magical power in the eyes of children. Games with the word turn into a princess or superhero game, a simple postman turns into "the princess hasn't passed". The game then takes on a dimension that was hitherto unknown. The word, the color, the shape or the image gives the party its universe!

The following sheets have been produced to help say these words, to help set the colors, to transform the party into a universe. In these files, it is question of cowboy, dinosaur, princess or red riding hood. In these sheets, the ideas are simple and within everyone's reach:

- A suggestion of words and colors for a decor that sets a theme.

- A DIY (Do It Yourself - to do yourself) to make an accessory to wear or a decoration.

- A workshop to carry out with the children during the party.

- An easy and amazing recipe.

The decoration sets the tone, so treat yourself! Dress a table or a buffet by adopting the colors and codes of the theme by small touch (with a few figurines) or in total look. From Red, Blue et stars to a super hero, pink and gold to a princess.

Feel free to hang tinsel, balls and balloons in the center of the room or all around, a little, a lot or passionately. Inflate balloons with air or helium, by mouth or with a pump. Mix (or not) the sizes, shapes and colors of balloons.

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