How to prepare a birthday party for children?
How to prepare a birthday party for children?
The rules of the birthday party are not so obvious! They allow you to gently launch a children's tea party and allow you to introduce yourself and explain to the children how the afternoon will unfold.

- When the children arrive, ask them to put the gifts in a corner that you will have previously defined with your child. Tell your child and guests that the gifts will be opened at the very end of the party. For a party that ends at 18 p.m., open the presents at 17:45 p.m. or even 17:50 p.m. If you do it before, it can be a stampede.

- As the guests arrive, welcome them by drawing a Khôl mustache for the boys and false eyelashes for the girls. It's not mandatory, but if you can do it, that's great! And, it works better when there are two of us to welcome...

- While waiting for all the friends to arrive, ask the children to introduce themselves and tell their life story: everyone gives their first name, their age, the name of their mistress, their favorite game, their favorite color, their favorite cartoon...

- When all the guests have arrived, explain to them that you are going to play great games together all afternoon and that you will really have fun. It's amazing, but if you're enthusiastic (and believable), half the job is done!

- Offer the small pouches filled with gifts for the guests (if you have any) when they are on the doorstep, coat on their shoulders, shoes on their feet. Never before!!

- And the ultimate advice: do not plan to have dinner the same evening, especially at home (and the day before, but that was clear since you are in your kitchen baking cakes by the hundreds).

- And on all occasions, keep the faith!

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